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human sacrifices
The definition of Human Sacrifices:
Aperson who is killed as a part of a religious ritual
Someone is dieing and they need a heart so someone gave up its life thats called a human sacrifice.

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The definition of Clan:
A clan is a group of people that are friends or related by blood so family.
My family clan is my mom, dad, sister, step dad, my grandma, my aunt and many more.
Shang Dynasty
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The definition of Shang Dynasty:
The Shang Dynasty ruled China from about the 1700 to 1122
centuries BC.
The Shang Dynasty was made out of many different Dynastys and the number one Dynasty know a days is the Han Dynasty.
ancestor worship

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The definition of ancestor worship:
honoring ancestors thourgh ritualssuch as offdering food and wine to the dead.
Anicent chinese practiced ancestor worship.
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The definition of logograph:
A logograph is a symbol that stands for a whole word.
When you take Chinese you have to write Logographs or Characters.
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The defitition of enonomy:
a system of manging the wealth of a country or a region
President Barck Obama is the person that deals with the economy in the United States.
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The definition of Confuicanism:
Confuciqnism is based on the teachings of Kongfuzi, whois called confuius by the westerners.
Some people in China practice the teachings of Comfucius
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The definition of Daoism/Taoism:
Daoism taught that people gained happiness and peace by living in harmony, or agreement, with the way of nature.
I am very happy but relaxed because ehrn I see him i dont want him to think that i am weird or something.
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The definition of Legalism:
Legalism is a part of government and its like laws and rules.
In America the president makes laws so our country doesnt go out of hand.
Mandate of Heaven
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The definition of Mandate of Heaven:
A power or law belived to be granted by god.
The king was the son of heaven so it gave him the right to rule.
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The definition of Feudalism:
A system of government based on landowners and tetants
Under feudalism, the king owned all the land.
Zhou Dynasty
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THe definition of Zhou Dynasty:
Around 1045 b.c a group of people in northwestern china moved to the central plains.
Me and my family moved to the central plains during 1045 b.c.e.
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The definition of confucius:
Confucius was the frist person to experence fristhand disorder the enupted when lords fought for power.
Confucius is the most famous philosopher in Chinese History.
civil servants
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The definition of civil servants:
A person who works for the goverment.
Under the Han Dynasty, canidates for government postions had to pass a lenthy test.
Qin Shihuangdi
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The definition of Qin Shihuangdi:
Qin Shihuangdi was the emperor of Qin he ruled over united China from 221 to 210 b.c.e.
The emperors most ambitious project was buliding the Great Wall.
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The definition of Standarize:
Standarize means to make the same
The emperor of Qin wantspeople to obay his orders so if people dont obay his rules then they will get punished.
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The definition of Exile:
Exlie means living away from the ones native country.
One of my friends family memeber moved to China and they had to adapt to its living and language.
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The definition of immortal:
immortal means you can not die or able to live forever
Emperor of Qins tomb had the terra cotta warriors for the next world.
Han Dynasty
The definition of Han Dynasty:
The Han Dynasty is one of the many Dynasty back in China.
The Han Dynasty arose during the time of unrest people where very unhappy with the harsh government.
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The definition of Bureacucracy:
A form of government that is struted like a pyrimid, with a few people at the top and many at the bottom.
Bureacucracy is just like the social class and you can not chose if you are at the bottom or top.
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The definition of Calligraphy:
The art of handwritting
papermakers hang pieces of paper up on the wall for calligraphy
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The definition of anesthetic:
something that takes the feeling of pian away
My sister and i go to the doctor and do check ups
Silk Road
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The definition of the silk road:
A network of snaller trade routes that steachted more than 400,000 miles across asia.
the silk road was sometimes dangerous because there was bandits there too.
Zhang Qian
Th definition of Zhang Qian:
Zhang Qian was called the Father of the silk road
His misson was to form a allince with western peoples aganist Chinas northern enemy.