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human sacrifices human_sacrafice_on_train_track.jpg
Human Sacrifices are when you
kill a person as a ceremony.
Some dynastys strongly believed in human sacrifices.
A group of families or people who live
If there is a clan rivalry that could be a big problem because there may be many attacks.
Shang Dynastychina-shang-large.gif
The Shang Dynasty is believed to be the second
Major dynasty in Ancient China.
The Shang dynasty was considered to be the first true dynasty
ancestor worshipancestor_worship
To pray and "visit" you ancestors spirits.
Tommy's family has a strong belief in ancestor worship.
A symbol that represents a word.
In China they use logographs instead of letters.
economy 001-1008100157-economy5.jpg
The management of the states, countries, etc, resources.
Right now the countries economy is poor.
Beliefs and laws that were created by Confucius and taught by him.
People who believe in Confucianism strongly believe in ancestor worship.
One of the three main beliefs of Ancient China, in which people believe that achieving peace with nature is one of the most important things in life.
Tom is a Taoist.
Another of the three main beliefs in Ancient China, which focused on having strict rules, which if broken resulted in severe punishment or death.
Legalism punishments are very severe.
Mandate of Heavenmandate_of_heaven.gif
Authority gave away special awards to people from heaven.
The Zhou believed they had the right to start a new dynasty because of the mandate of heaven.
Feudalism is the social levels or classes during the Ancient Chinese times.
The king and royal family is the top of the Feudal System.
Zhou Dynastyeastern-zhou-dynasty-map1-m.gif
The Zhou Dynasty is guessed to have been the dynasty that reigned for the longest.
The Zhou Dynasty seems like a wonderful place to have lived.
Confucius was the founder of Confucianism and strongly believed in Chinese traditions, which included a strong belief for ancestor worship. He belived that so he taught it and made laws surrounding that.
Confucius was a smart, inspiring man.
civil servantscivil_servant
People who work for the government.
The civil servants are very important in our government.
Qin Shihuangdiqin_shi_huangdi.jpg
Qin Shi Huangdi considered himself the first ruler of China and Qin Shi Huangdi means "first ruler".
Qin Shi Huangdi stopped all of the wars and crated China.
To make a standard of weight, size, etc.
It is easier to do the problem if you standardize it.
To be banished or sent away.
He was exiled and lives all alone in the wild.
To live forever.
She is immortal.
Han DynastyHan_Dynasty.jpg
The Han Dynasty began in 206 BCE when Liu Bang, a prince from the Han, defeated the Qin Dynasty.
The Han Dynasty was a strong, powerful government.
The body of officials and addministrators, in a government.

Decrative hand writting or fancy writting.
The calligraphy was beautiful.
A medicine or cure for a sickness.
The anesthetic is used to heal someone who is sick or injured.
Silk RoadsilkRoad.jpg
The trading route that stretched from the far side of China all the way to Roma.
The Silk Road helped different places exchange goods they had never even seen.
Zhang Qiansilk-road-zhangqian.jpg
A silk road pioneer.
Zhang Qian was a very brave man not to do that trip only once but several times.