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Human Sacrifices.
Sacrifice for your belief or religion.
If a king had dies someone would be killed to go into after life with him.
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A group of people related by blood.
A mother had a son or daughter and they created a clan.
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Shang Dynasty
A dynasty that ruled china.
The Shang Dynasty was ruling china for 14 years.
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Ancestor worship
Worship and respect for your ancestors.
People pray to their ancestors so they can show their ancestor worship.

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A type of chinese writing.
She drew a logograph and showed her chinese teacher.
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A level of consuming.
The economy was not good during The Great Depression.
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To respect elders and family. A chinese philosophy.
Confucianism is a chinese philosophy that many people enjoyed.

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Daoism/ Taoism
Keep life simple. A chinese philosophy.
This chinese philosophy meant to keep life simple.
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Harsh ruling and laws. A chinese philosophy.
Many people got punished for poor behavior because of Legalism.

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Mandate Of Heaven
A traditional Chinese concept.
Many people believed in the Mandate of Heaven.
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The social status.
If you were a noble you were on top of the social status. If you were a servant you were on the bottom.
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Zhou Dynasty
A dynasty that ruled China.
The Zhou Dynasty was not the best dynasty.
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A chinese philosopher.
Confucius got threats because people did not like their philosophy.
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Civil Servants
Service where people work.
Civil servants were at the bottom of the social status.
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Quin Shihuagndi
A leader of China.
Quin Shihuangdi was a very effective ruler.
standardizeexternal image 5s_sta7.gifexternal image GBay-Exile-s%F8m-web-01.jpg
Brought into something with a standard.
There was a standardize when she got a job.
Someone who is absent from something.
She was exiled.
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A person of fame.
When the girl starred in the movie she became immortal.
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Han Dynasty
A dynasty that ruled China from 206 to 220 BCE.
The Han Dynasty was one of the best.
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Non- elective government officials.
He was almost elected, but he wasn't. He was bureacucracy.
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Good handwriting.
She got good writing skills because she had calligraphy.
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Not having beliefs in any religions.
He was an anesthetic.
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Silk Road
A route so people could trade goods.
Many people traveled on the Silk Road.
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Zhang Qian
A person who ruled China.
Zhang Qian was a ruler of China.