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human sacrifices human-sacrifice_picture.jpg
an act of killing a human that is a part of a religious ritual.
In ancient china they used human sacrifices.
a clan is a group of people or family
A tribe can be divided into many clans.
Shang Dynastyshang-dynasty-map-b.gif
a dynasty ruling china about 12th through 18th centuries BC.
The shang dynasty ruled for a very long time.
ancestor worshipimages.jpg
worship of ancestors
Ancestor worship is big in china.
A symbol that represents a whole word or phrase
logographs are usaly on stone.
economy usmoneysupply.jpg
lower class middle class upper class

the system of ethics and education
confucianism is a system of ethics and education
religious traditions that have influenced Eastern Asia for more than two millennia
daoism/taoism is a tradition that influenced eastern asia
a school of law
legalism is a school of law
Mandate of Heavenmandateofheaven.jpg.gif
a traditional Chinese philosophical concept
mandate of heaven is a traditional Chinese concept.
political and military customs
feudalism is political and military customs
Zhou Dynastyzhoumap.gif
a semi-nomadic tribe
The Zhou began as a semi-nomadic tribe that lived to the west of the Shang kingdom.
a Chinese thinker and social philosopher
Confucius was a Chinese thinker
civil servants800px-Meister_der_Kahriye-Cami-Kirche_in_Istanbul_005.jpg
A branch of governmental service
Civil servants is a branch of government service
Qin Shihuangdiqinemperor.jpg
Qin shihuangdi was the king of the Chinese state of qin.
Qin shihuangdi also called himself the emperor of china
brought into conformity
All Meap tests must be standardized.
a criminal was sent to exile
not dying
know one has immortality
Han Dynastyhandynastymap.gif
second imperial dynasty of China
the han dynasty was the biggest
any organization in which action is obstructed by insistence

beautiful handwriting
this writing is calligraphy
a pain reliver
the doctor used the anesthetic on the the payshent
Silk RoadSilk_Road_BR.jpg
trade routes
Chinese people used the silk road to transport goods.
Zhang Qianzhangqian.gif
he was a imperial envoy to the world outside of China i
zhang qian went on many journeys