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human sacrifices
a person who is killedexternal image 1_61_070611_human_sacrifice.jpg
As a part of a religious ritual they needed human sacrifices.
a group of family or friendsexternal image AydinliClan.jpg
They fought to keep other clans out of their territory.
Shang Dynasty
a chinese dynasty
external image china-shang-large.gif
The Shang Dynasty ruled the area around Huang He from 1700 to 1122 b.c.e.
ancestor worship
honoring ancesters
external image Ancestor_worship004.JPG
You can show ancestor worship by offering food to the dead.
a character that represents a word
external image Exercise-On-The-Reporting-Logographs-172.png
The Shang Dynasty used logographs for words.
a system of recording the wealth of a community.
external image economy_2.jpg
A lot of spending could damage the economy.
a chinese philosophy
external image Black_Confucian_symbol.png
The founder of Confucianism is named Confucius.
another chinese philosophy
external image daoism.jpg
The founder of Daoism is named Laozi.
the last chinese philosophy
external image 01461548.jpg
Legalism is basedon the teachings of Hanfeizi.
Mandate of Heaven
a power or law granted by a god
external image images?q=tbn:ANd9GcRJ4QUIvaxHHzaK-oc3qvyWo8uPZr7U8X1fOpgzDYgIuOfHvTUM&t=1
The Zhou Dynasty claimed to have been given the Mandate of Heaven.
a system of government based on landowners and tenants
external image feudalism-online-world.jpg
The Zhou Dynasty increased the stability of their rule through feudalism.
Zhou Dynasty
a line of rulers in China
external image zhoumap.gif
The Zhou Dynasty is a line of rulers from about 1045 to 256 b.c.e.
the founder of Confucianism
external image confucius_5.jpg
Confucius lived from 551 to 479 b.c.e.
civil servants
a person who works for a government
external image emp_line.jpg
People who do the work of the government are called civil servants.
Qin Shihuangdi
the man who became emeror over a united China
external image qin0067.jpg
Qin Shihuangdi was China's first emperor.
to make similar
external image What+To+Standardize.jpg
To standardize the time set your watch.
living away from a native country
external image GBay-Exile-s%F8m-web-01.jpg
He exiled.
able to live forever
external image fountain_tree_of_life.jpg?w=560
The Emperor of Qin wanted to be immortal.
Han Dynasty
another chinese dynasty
external image handynastymap.gif
The Han Dynasty ruled from 206 b.c.e to 220 c.e.
a form of government that allow few people rule many others
external image 59d7be1fd44a9456e9123f7ec84c1e3e1183295d.jpg
Bureaucracy is structured like a pyramid.
the art of fine handwriting
external image chinese_calligraphy_map.png
Paper was the ideal material for calligraphy.
something that take away the feeling of pain
external image 20th%20century%20painting%20of%20Hua%20Tuo%20at%20Academy%20of%20Traditional%20Chinese%20Medicine%20in%20Beijing_(2).jpg
Han doctors discovered a type of wine that could be used as a anesthetic.
Silk Road
a network of trade routes
external image ancient-silk-road-map1.gif
The Silk Route is known as a great trade route.
Zhang Qian
a chinese explorer
external image zhang_qian-mogao.jpg
The Zhang Qian is often called the Father of the Silk Road.