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human sacrifices
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Someone who is killed to serve their master who is dead in the after life.
Most of the time, slaves are made are the ones who have to go through human sacrifices.
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A big family or a big group of friends.
I live in a big clan.
Shang Dynasty
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A Chinese Dynasty that ruled from 1700 to 1122 B.C.E. in the area around the Huang He.
The Shang Dynasty was overthrown by the Zhou Dynasty.
ancestor worship
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A ritual that the living do to honor their ancestors who have died.
Ancestor worship had many different steps in it's ritual.
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A written character that is means a word in Chinese writing.
My friend showed me the logograph that means love.
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The system that manages the money in a community, city, or region.
The economy in the United States is really bad right now.
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A Chinese philosophy that teaches the correct behavior which was based on the teachings of Confucius.
In Confucianism, there are five basic relationships.
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A Chinese philosophy that teaches life to be simple and connected with nature which was based on the teachings of Laozi.
Daoism has a lot of teachings about yin and yang.
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A Chinese philosophy that teaches being obedient with strict laws is the correct way to live life which was based on the teachings of Hanfeizi.
Legalism was very strict when the Legalists broke the laws but when the Legalists did something good they were rewarded for it.
Mandate of Heaven
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A power or law that is believed that a god has given to the people.
The Zhou people said that the Mandate of Heaven was a divine right to rule China.
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A government system that is based on landowners and tenants.
According to the fuedalism system, peasants were on the bottom.
Zhou Dynasty
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The line of rulers that rule a part of China from about 1045 to 256 B.C.E.
The Zhou Dynasty overthrew Shang and was able to establish rule over China.
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The founder of Confucianism and was the most famous philosopher in Chinese history.
Confucius was born in Lu which is in the eastern part of China.
civil servants
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Someone who works for the government
A civil servant is a bureacratic.
Qin Shihuangdi
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A man that became the emperor of a united China from 221 to 210 B.C.E.
Qin Shihuangdi tried to find a potion that would make him live forever but he never found it.
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To even out.
I had to standardize the amount of fresh water and the amount of salt water for my science project.
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To get kicked out of their own country.
I heard about a leader who liked to exile people for no reason.
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Someone who lives forever.
Some people want to become an immortal but I don't.
Han Dynasty
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A very long lasting Chinese dynasty that lasted from about 206 B.C.E to 220 C.E.
The Han Dynasty ruled for over 400 years and it had many impressive achievements.
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A type of government that has a few people rule lots of other peolpe.
The bureacucracy of Birmingham Public Schools is minimal.
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The artistic name for fine handwriting.
Calligraphy has a very beautiful touch to it.
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A type of medicine that takes away the feeling of pain.
My mom had to get anesthetic medicine in her arm when she pooped a blood vain.
Silk Road
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A network of trading routes that was more that 4,000 miles across Asia.
The Silk Road was a very long trip and was also very dangerous.
Zhang Qian
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A Chinese explorer is is often called the father of the Silk Road.
Zhang Qian was arrested twice and escaped both times.