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    History Term
    Definition in your own words
    Use the word in a sentence that shows your understanding of the history term
    human sacrifices
    Killing a human as a sacrifice.
    The people made a human sacrifice for their religion.
    A group of people.
    Those people are in a clan
    Shang Dynasty
    A dynasty that's in China.
    One dynasty in China is the Shang Dynasty.
    ancestor worship
    Respecting and honoring your elders.
    Those people believe in ancestor worship.
    An image representing something.
    Wow... look at that cool logograph.
    Confucianism is a Chinese philosophy about respecting your elders.
    One Chinese philosophy is Confucianism.
    Daoism/Taoism is finding peace in life.
    That guy believes in Daoism/Taoism.
    Legalism is punishment for breaking rules/laws.
    Another Chinese philosophy is Legalism.
    Mandate of Heaven
    Some people think it's a power given by a god.
    She thinks he has a Mandate of Heaven.
    A government based on landowners.
    They use Feudalism.
    Zhou Dynasty
    A dynasty in China .
    The Zhou Dynasty was in China.
    Confucius started Confucianism.
    Have you heard of Confucius? He started Confucianism.
    civil servants
    Somebody that works for a government.
    That guy is a civil servant.
    Qin Shihuangdi
    The emperor of China.
    Qin's the emperor.
    {-Smiley..png}  {-Smiley..png}
    Making something the same as something else.
    Qin wanted to standardize China.
    Being kicked out of your home.
    That guy was exile.
    Living forever.
    Jesus is immortal.
    Han Dynasty
    dynasty that's made a lot of inventions.
    That dynasty is called the Han Dynasty.
    A kind of Government like a pyramid.
    Some governments are bureaucracy.
    Calligraphy is a kind of visual art.
    The Chinese sometimes write in calligraphy.
    Something that helps relieve pain.
    With anesthetic you can expect no pain.
    Silk Road
    A road for trading silk and other goods.
    He traded on The Silk Road.
    Zhang Qian
    Zhan Qian simplified China.
    The guy who simplified China was Zhang QIan.

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